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Dear Friends, Guests, and CPP Champions,

Welcome to the Center for PreCollege Programs website. CPP serves thousands of students annually to become future-focused. Our staff are dedicated “servant leaders” committed to honoring our core values to Educate, Inspire, and Empower young people through the operating principles of Fostering Community, Cultivating Innovation, Modeling Professionalism, Promoting Success, and Making a Difference.

Whether through dynamic and rigorous STEM programming, dual enrollment opportunities, or our TRIO and university college and career pathway programs, we provide culturally relevant and meaningful educational experiences for students grounded in the affirmation of identity and ethos.

The work of CPP honors the Rutgers University Newark (RU-N) anchor institution mission of being rooted in collaboration and dedicated to being a place “in and of Newark, where Opportunity meets Excellence.” I want to take this opportunity to thank the RU-N Office of the Chancellor, faculty, students, and our education, community, and philanthropic partners for their leadership, support, and dedication to the Center for PreCollege Programs. Collectively, we get the work done.

With fond regards,

Sheronia Rogers
Director & Associate Dean

The Center for PreCollege Programs administers pre-college and career readiness pipeline programs designed to educate, inspire, and prepare students to be future-focused and 21st century ready. Our commitment is to support students by providing opportunities to achieve and grow effectively. CPP serves more than 2,000 students and parents annually by facilitating various programs throughout Newark, East Orange, Orange, Irvington, and the greater Essex County area.

The Center for PreCollege Programs houses our three TRIO programs of Talent Search (2) and Upward Bound, the Dual Enrollment Program, the PreCollege Academy, and the Rutgers Future Scholars Program, in addition to other special interest programs and collaborations.

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Our Programs

Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Institute provides high school students with the opportunity to take college courses for credit while still in high school. The program is open to juniors and seniors from Newark Public Schools, charter schools, and parochial schools. Students take courses on campus with undergraduate students and have access to on-campus supports such as mentoring and tutoring.  

PreCollege Academy

The PreCollege Academy program offers college and career readiness for students in grades 6-12. The program is designed to engage students through mentorship, academic enrichment, problem based learning, and field trips. 

Rutgers Future Scholars – Newark

Rutgers Future Scholars provides academic growth, social development, personal enrichment and exposure to academic and career paths. Annually fifty first-generation, low-income, academically promising middle school students from Newark Public Schools are admitted. 

TRIO Programs 

The Upward Bound program is a 4-year college preparatory program that serves 8th-12th graders from the East Orange School district with rigorous academic preparation for post-secondary education through Academic Enrichment, Math, STEM, Literature & Composition, Foreign Language, Mentoring, Counseling, & College Readiness & Advisement.