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The Center for PreCollege Programs 


Center for PreCollege Programs (CPP)


The Center for PreCollege Programs administers pre-college and career readiness pipeline programs designed to educate, inspire, and prepare students to be future-focused and 21st century ready. Our commitment is to support students by providing opportunities to achieve and grow effectively. CPP serves more than 2,000 students and parents annually by facilitating various programs throughout Newark, East Orange, Orange, Irvington, and the greater Essex County area.


The Center for PreCollege Programs houses our three TRIO programs of Talent Search (2) and Upward Bound, the Dual Enrollment Institute, the PreCollege Academy, the Abbott Leadership Institute, Youth Media Symposium, University-Assisted Partnerships, a College Success Center, the Tutoring Spot, and the Rutgers Future Scholars Program, in addition to other special interest programs and collaborations.




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